Ten Tips for Creating A Happier Home During the Dark Winter Months

1. Clean Something

2. Open The Windows

3. Change Your Lightbulbs

  • First, obviously, if you have any burnt out bulbs, go change them! It’s a SO-easy fix that will LITERALLY brighten your home!
  • Second, trying changing out a few of your lightbulbs to ones that give off more light. LED bulbs have come a LONG way and draw less power than those old incandescent bulbs, so you can actually get more light (measured in “Lumens”) for less power!
  • Third, try swapping out your bulbs for ones that give off a cooler, more daylight-balanced light. Since our eyes perceive cooler light as brighter, having a daylight-balanced light instead of a warm, golden light can give you a boost of energy.

4. Change out that ceiling fixture (or at least layer in some lamps)!

5. Swap out your sad, droopy pillows.

6. Get A Better Couch Cover

7. Edit Your Stuff and Curate a “Story”

8. Paint A Wall

9. Invite People Over

10. Count Your Blessings




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Stephanie Thornton Plymale

Stephanie Thornton Plymale

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