Stephanie Thornton Plymale, CEO of Heritage School of Interior Design, Reveals What’s In and What’s Out for Fall 2021

Vintage Decor

Another big trend we’ve spotted this year is vintage décor. This comes as no surprise seeing as vintage has already taken the fashion industry by storm this past season, but we are eager to see how that love for the classics transitions its way into home finishes and décor.

Photo Credit: Stephanie @stephaniethorntonplymale on Instagram

Urban Cottage

Another concept we are leaning into this season are urban cottage kitchens. This collected look is defined by vintage pieces and a unified color scheme which will transform any style of home. This season especially we are starting to see an emphasis on modern takes of old time classics, and this is another example of that.

Photo Credit: Holli @beensnburlap on Instagram

Cozy Accents

There is no better way to spice up your space than with cozy accents. This season you’ll see that in the ever-so-popular Fall classic plaid pattern, but to mix it up, velvet, leather accents and chunky knits have been added to the mix. Nothing says Fall more than being warm and cozy, and these pieces will accentuate those feelings.

Photo Credit: Stephanie @stephaniethorntonplymale on Instagram

Pops of Color

With Fall, we often experience a fairly one note, earth toned color pallet, but this season, we’re seeing more pops of color along with greenery and plants. What better way to keep the feelings of summer alive, while also reveling in the warmth of Fall, than with those warm earth tones and pops of fresh greenery.

Photo Credit: Stephanie @stephaniethorntonplymale on Instagram



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