Stephanie Thornton Plymale, CEO of Heritage School of Interior Design, Reveals What’s In and What’s Out for Fall 2021

Just like the seasons change, so do the trends, and as the air begins to cool and the days get shorter we are seeing those trends take shape. With such difficult times this past year and a half, people are looking for ways to cozy up their space not only as a way to give a refresh to something that may feel stale, but also as a way to provide comfort. There is nothing quite like a space refresh that makes us feel brand new and ready for the next season.

Because of these times, it is no surprise to us that a lot of the trends we are seeing merge old time classics with a slightly modern twist as a way to reminisce on the past.

Although we are seeing modern farmhouse exit the scene, some aspects that we saw utilized in that design are sticking around such as matte finishes, and while open floor plans transition their way out, we are calling back to a once popular home accessory, and that is room partitions. Whether an antique or a more modern take, being able to easily dictate the size of one’s space is going to be widely utilized this season.

Vintage Decor

Photo Credit: Stephanie @stephaniethorntonplymale on Instagram

Urban Cottage

Photo Credit: Holli @beensnburlap on Instagram

Cozy Accents

Photo Credit: Stephanie @stephaniethorntonplymale on Instagram

Pops of Color

Photo Credit: Stephanie @stephaniethorntonplymale on Instagram

The meaning of home has taken on something entirely new these past months, with so much time spent inside, we began to discover and unlock the aspects of that space we may want to change. These design elements are providing a way to add comfort and make something your own. Home really is where the heart is, and we know that with all of these trends this year, we truly will be in love with ours.



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