The Definition of Organic Modern Style

History & Inspiration

Where to Shop This Look

Materials, Furniture & Accessories That Shape This Style

Stephanie’s Step by Step Guide to Create an Organic Modern Living Room

  1. Donate the traditional camelback or tufted leather sofa to the local thrift store and replace it with a low profile, sleek, white linen sofa.
  2. Pair this with live edge wood tables and a jute woven rug or hand woven wool area rug.
  3. Select your favorite Eames chair as a homage to the founding fathers.
  4. Add a Danish teak or natural hide slingback chair with geometric woven throw from the local vintage shop.
  5. Add a collection of baskets, antique antlers, and succulents housed in recycled glass.
  6. Top it all off with a collection of textural woven natural pillows and loosely placed throws in neutral colors.
  7. Hit up Etsy and order a hand-made bohemian macrame.
  8. Finally, light up your room with a large bamboo pendant.




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Stephanie Thornton Plymale

Stephanie Thornton Plymale

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